24 May 2011 § 9 Comments

Riding for a fall

Months, years go by
Without a sign
A whisper
Or a look between us.

Then you appear
Out of nowhere;
Same as you ever were,
Still knowing just how
To flip me inside-out:

Never when
I’m enjoying my eight hours
Content with tea
And pulling my own notes
Warm from the hole-in-the-wall,

Oh no:

You wait till
I’m clawing at heaven
Biting down on every thought
Wearing each day like a shirt of mail
And mapping my ceiling in the dark.

Then you
You burst back in
Dressed up as The Answer,
All soothing words and familiar touch.

But I’m still me
And you’re still you.
And, as usual, I’m left wondering
Which one of us can’t quit the other.

Stepping out

4 April 2011 § 8 Comments

Doing the loco motion

Every step
Is a controlled fall;

For that moment –
So instantly-over we never see it –
We let go,
Give in to gravity
And hurl ourselves
A few inches towards the earth

The plunge arrested
By an unthinking foot
Obeying its lifelong training
And being in the right
(or left)
Place exactly when it should be.

Some days I wish
I could remain
In full control
Maintain a perfect balance;
Never know the wide-eyed lurch,
The will-I-won’t-I fear
Of leaning just too far,
Going off the edge.

But the price would be

And so today
I chose to walk once more,
To trust the ground to take my weight
And unseen hands to catch me.

Where Am I?

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