I live in East Sussex, England, with my wife and daughter, several bicycles and one whippet – all of which I freely allow to distract me from my (intermittently) paid job as a freelance copywriter, and real work as an aspiring poet. My favourite place in the world is the north-west coast of Brittany, where we live barefoot and indolent under canvas every summer, and dream about for the other 49 weeks of the year. I was inspired to write about cycling by the French author and poet Paul Fournel. As he says, “Thanks to the bike, there is a faster man.” I like to think it’s also making me a better one.

I write these poems for my own – and, I hope, others’ – enjoyment. You’re welcome to read them free,  but please don’t pinch them. Thank you.

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  • Chloe says:

    Hi there – I finally figured out how to add you to my blogroll ! 🙂 Hope you are well. Chloe

  • belfastdavid says:

    I am looking forward to reading more.

    I have put up a link to your site on my home page and subsribed to your blog with a view to doing just that. 🙂

  • Narnie says:

    I’m settling in for a good read 🙂 Just thought I’d let you know that you can add a link behind your name for when you leave comments so that blog writers can find you? I think it’s in settings or something… but a fellow Sussex writer? That is lovely. Hopefully I’ll see you at one of the open mics one night? Haha.

  • gonecycling says:

    Thanks for the tip – I’ll investigate right now. I’m just up the road from you in Uckfield, so I’ll definitely get over to your open mic as soon as I can. Wonderful to hear from you; I really love your work.

  • So pleased I came across this blog…really nice to meet you..Eliza Keating

  • Hi….happy to have found you through Iz. Your poems are just my cup of tea! Brilliant 🙂
    Hope you don’t mind if I put you on my blogroll.
    Best wishes
    Linda Vincent

  • Hi blogpal, just to let you know, I’ve put a link to your blog on my page called “My Blogging Friends” 😀

    Hope you’re having a good weekend,
    Chloe xx

  • fryupress says:

    Glad to have foundf you! Loved reading your poetry. I’m sure it will encourage me to continue with my already started novel

  • Nick says:

    Coincidence lives! I too have earned a living of sorts as a (sometimes agency employed, sometimes freelance) copywriter. I too had at one time a love affair with Brittany, though it ended when we fell out about the topic of weather, in which matter she was unreliable. And I too was once an aspiring poet (there’s no money and little glory in it, believe me). But it’s all over now. Glad to have found your blog; I’ll keep visiting from time to time.

  • Gonecycling, glad to meet you. I am a digital artist who loves to bike as well. Both mountain and road. I live near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina in the US. Stop by my blog and click on my biking tags to check out related art. I subscribed to your blog and will explore more.

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