From Brittany #2

23 August 2011 § 13 Comments

Word hunting

The words I seek
Don’t live in my town

But out here,

Shining, sea-wet, in the sand
Flying in skeins

Resting on rocks
Or perched in trees

Half-seen out at sea
Or round sudden bends in the narrow cliff-path.

With the poacher’s patience
And fisherman’s finesse

I can catch them
Hold them for a moment

Before they wriggle free
Leaving only their warmth behind.

And a single juicy one in the bag
Is all it takes to feed me.


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§ 13 Responses to From Brittany #2

  • slpmartin says:

    A very delightful poem….good hunting. 😉

  • Ina says:

    This is great, That moment is precious, to feel the words just come to you! Some may slip away, but the one you caught, will make up for that!

    Love it.

  • I love this!

    More words slip away than I can keep!I love your clever metaphors.

    Can I be cheeky and take this opportunity to tell you that David finally nudged me enough to walk into the world of poetry on WordPress! I must stress I am a total beginner and have lots to learn but I am enjoying the journey.

    I hope you had a good holiday.

    Christine x

    • gonecycling says:

      Oh my goodness, what wonderful news. As a beginner myself, I can only say you won’t regret it – and David is an absolute tower of strength; a real inspiration personally and poetically. I’m so looking forward to reading your work – and thank you so much for your generous support on my own journey.

  • belfastdavid says:

    Ah Nick, I shall be smiling as I go through my day looking for that word.

    And although I am unlikely to find it in the Post Office or in Marks and Spencers it will sometimes appear in the strangest places 🙂 That’s why I never go out without a pen and a notepad 🙂

    Loved this poem


  • gonecycling says:

    Knowing you’re heading into the day smiling makes me happy, my friend. I know you’ll find something delicious out there; looking forward to sampling it in due course! Good hunting.

  • John Stevens says:

    Yes, that’s it exactly: “the words I seek don’t live in my town but out here, wild …”. Spot on for us al!

    • gonecycling says:

      Thank you, John – at the moment it doesn’t feel as though there are as many words here as there were in the wilds of Brittany, but I’m sure once I get back into the swing of things, they’ll start popping up again!

  • evocative embrace says:

    good work!

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