Three chords and the truth

23 May 2011 § 6 Comments

Chapter and verse

Everything I had to know
I learned from country music:

‘bout Love and Life, man-and-wife.
Broken hearts, brand-new starts;
Getting in fights, lonely nights,
Smoke-filled bars, steel guitars;
Untamed broncs, honky-tonks,
Pickup trucks, last few bucks;
Missing you, dreams come true,
Endless highways, long hot dry days,
Tall tequilas, eighteen-wheelers,
Rivers of tears, ice-cold beers;
Cheatin’, lyin’, laughin’, cryin’,
Wantin’, choosin’, winnin’, losin’.
Long slow dances, lost romances,
Slamming doors, forever yours.
Words unspoken, promises broken,
Bridges burned, lessons learned.

Seemed everyone I heard was giving
Three–minute manuals for living.
And the only thing that I done wrong
Was thinking life was like a song.

Apologies for the radio silence: I’ve been working on a long-stalled novel for the past couple of weeks, and the blog’s taken a back seat. I wrote this silly poem this morning just as a bit of a loosener, but decided to post it to reassure my much-loved readers that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Thank you for sticking with me; I’ll catch up with all your work during the week.

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§ 6 Responses to Three chords and the truth

  • belfastdavid says:

    Thank you for the smile Nick.

    My best for the novel


    • gonecycling says:

      Thanks, David – I’ve just passed the halfway mark (my target is 70K words) so feeling slightly more hopeful that it might actually get finished now! Not great literature, of course, but something I’ve always felt I ought to do. Will keep you posted on the word-count!

  • slpmartin says:

    I believe you managed to capture most of the major themes of country music in one poem…cheers!

  • Very cool – I am a country girl at heart and this poem is pretty much spot on for the content of country music! Ha! Thanks for the smile 😀 😉 xx

  • gonecycling says:

    Gotta love country music. The bad stuff is REALLY bad, but the good stuff can be sublime. Glad you liked the poem – silly as it is!

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